Best Clips

Wind and Solar Energy Subsidies Aren’t Just for Democrats Anymore (Morning Consult)

Obama’s Energy Legacy: Republican Coal Country (Morning Consult)

Just How Much Gerrymandering Is Unconstitutional? Wisconsin Plaintiffs Want the Supreme Court to Rule. (National Journal)

One House Republican’s Plan to Bring Black Voters Back to the GOP (National Journal)

How Candidates Are Doubling Their Campaign Donations (National Journal)

There’s a Presidential Election in 2014, and It Could Cost Republicans a House Seat (National Journal)

Eric Cantor’s Unusually Expensive, Surprisingly Negative Primary Campaign (National Journal)

Obama Hints at European Fracking Following Russia Sanctions (National Journal)

Technology could change the face of mining jobs at Resolution Copper in Superior (The Arizona Republic)

Requiem for the Fire Lookout: Technology is replacing the lone literary types who long kept watch over forests. (Slate)

Tech giants offer advice to small business owners (USA TODAY)

That student ID may not get you into the voting booth (

Poll finds support for voter ID but little awareness (The Philadelphia Inquirer)


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